Feminine Product Giveaway for Women in Need to Support Healthy Minds & Living

Feminine Product Giveaway for Women in Need to Support Healthy Minds & Living
Philadelphia, PA - May 16, 2023: Mental illness is one of the most meaningful issues of our time. There is so much misinformation and fear surrounding it, yet Central Division Victim Services, firmly believes that talking openly about it brings healing and understanding to those who are suffering especially for survivors of crime.

Central Division Victim Services (www.cdvservices.org) is a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia that services survivors and co-survivors of crime. Their mission is to foster a safe, prosperous, and resilient community with a focus of advocating for safe neighborhoods while supporting survivors of trauma due to violence. CDVS serves a diverse population of individuals and families. The focus is to build relationships and trust with the residents and stakeholders within the North and Central area of Philadelphia.


Women on the Rise is a newly revised program within CDVS that is designed to serve as well as empower women and femme folx in our community. It also serves as a trusted outlet for women and femme folx to access dependable resources and services to assist in overcoming life's challenges. The program provides support and resources to help folx reach their full potential and achieve their goals.


Underwear and feminine products are a necessity in everyone's closet but when one falls under hard times, the items a woman needs starts to feel unreachable. It can also start to impact your mental health as well. The cycle needs to be changed and we need to recognize that period poverty is a public health crisis. With 1 in 5 girls missing school due to lack of menstrual/feminine products, period poverty is an important topic but yet often ignored. Access to menstrual/feminine products is a right and feeling clean, confident, and capable during one’s period is a necessity. When young girls and women resort to unhygienic alternatives, they become vulnerable to harmful physical and mental outcomes.


While joining forces with their community partner the Philadelphia Housing Authority, CDVS wants to provide some hygiene necessities to those women who are in public housing, homeless or just in need. The items consist of sanitary napkins, toothpaste/brushes, combs, shower caps, soap, shampoo/conditioner, chapsticks, community resources and more. CDVS also partnered with Patricia Kayanga, Owner and Operator of Ohhs (www.myohhs.com) which is a disposable underwear brand. As a first-generation immigrant from Uganda, Patricia is the first black women with a U.S. patent to own and operate a disposable underwear line. Patricia made sure her product was sustainable, biodegradable and cost-effective. Ohhs has donated to over 17 organizations across the globe. With this giveaway, we will be creating a more healthy mindset for women and young girls throughout the communities CDVS serves.


This purpose-driven giveaway will take place on Friday, May 19th, from 10am to 1pm at the John Street Community Center. The center is located at 1100 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123. All women are welcome to come. For more information, please contact Tijania Goodwin at tgoodwin@cdvservices.org