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Ohhs Disposable Underwear

All About Ohhs

These are for when you don't want to ruin the good stuff. Like when you're on your period, at a spa, traveling, camping, hospital stays or at the gym. All while feeling sexy. Simplifying your life. 

Ohhs are designed by women for women with the goal to simplify and eliminate some of the complexities we face on a day to day basis. They are made out of a bamboo material that is so soft and breathable it doesn't feel like  you have anything on. They are also seamless so they will blend perfectly with any outfit you choose. 

Ohh Moment

I absolutely hate not feeling clean after all day traveling...There's nothing like putting on a fresh pair of underwear. They come in a cute and discreet travel pouch and are a must have for so many reasons and more

Simenah M

I love how soft the feel. I know they are disposable but I still feel sexy with them on

Edith P

My period can be irregular and these are conspicuous enough to carry in my purse. And they are super cute and comfortable

Sarah P

Made by Women for Women

  • Founder: Patricia Kayanga

    Why Ohhs

    My mother used to say “Banna bange, muli banaku” which roughly translates to “My children, you come from sorrow”. In Uganda, it’s a colloquial phrase used to remind us to slow down, remember where we come from and appreciate what we have.

    I wanted to create a product that felt good with a business structure that served a greater purpose. As I was conducting research on the market, I found that millions of girls drop out school due to menstrual stigmas within their communities or simply a lack of resources. I realized that if I didn’t have the opportunity to come to the states, I may have been one of those girls. As I remembered my past, my purpose became to make a difference in a girl’s life one day at a time while creating something simple for every woman. Our goal at Ohhs is to create a product that is not only sustainable, but beautiful, cost effective and simply nice to wear. 

    To fulfill our mission, a percentage of our profits are donated to non-profits providing menstrual resources to school age girls around the world.

For every box you buy we donate a pair!

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