Hello Giggles: 7 Sustainable Lingerie Brands You Can Try on for Size

Hello Giggles: 7 Sustainable Lingerie Brands You Can Try on for Size

We were features as Hello Giggles top & sustainable lingerie brands. Below is a snippet of the feature"

"Sustainability is a big buzzword in fashion these days, so it comes as no surprise that would trickle down to our under layers. When you find out that the apparel industry generates 17-million tons of textile waste each and every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, it certainly makes you want to stand up (or in this case, strip down) and take action.

You might think disposable underwear would be worse for the environment — but in the case of Ohhs, it’s actually sustainable and fully biodegradable! Like so many women, Patricia Kayanga had unpredictable periods.

She found herself in many situations (at work, school, and out with friends) where she needed a change of underwear. She needed a convenient solution besides looking for the closest store or pulling out her trusted ziplock bag of underwear.

Thus Ohhs was born. They’re individually packaged, and seamless too. For every panty sold, the brand donates a pair to local women’s shelters and 5% of profits are donated to organizations aiding in similar initiatives as Ohhs." 

The perfect underwear on-the-go


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