Women's History Month Highlight: Sara Mora

Women's History Month Highlight: Sara Mora

I was inspired by Sara Mora because of her story and mission to fight for immigrant's rights. I relate to her because I'm an immigrant as well. But our stories differ in the sense that she is part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which is often referred to as DACA. The DACA program offers a two year renewable legal status to undocumented immigrants who entered the United States as Children. 

Sara Mora's family immigrated to the United States when she was 3 years old and joined the DACA program in her teenage years. Unfortunately in 2018, the Trump administration proposed an end to the program. Obviously this meant everyone within that program would be faced with deportation. For Sara, this was unimaginable. So she became a leading voice in advocating for immigrant's rights. She is currently working with nonprofits and immigration reform initiatives to help them amplify and send a clear digital messages about the work they are doing on the ground. 

Imagine your parents bringing you to a country for a better life, better possibilities and it's the only home you know. Then you're suddenly faced with being transported back to a country you never knew to start over with nothing. When you're deported, they don't give you a stipend to start over. The most that you get is a free plane ride back to your country with the understanding that you cannot come back for five, ten or 20 years. It's not easy being an undocumented immigrant in this country. I've had family members and friends in that predicament living in constant fear each day wondering whether today is the day they detain you and you never see your loved ones again. 

My siblings and I are lucky that we don't have to face the uncertainty that Sara Mora and all the other dreamers have to today. I am in owe of the work Sara is doing and admire her bravery to stand up and be one of the faces of this movement in such an uncertain climate. Her story is one of many that we don't often hear about because of the consequences that come along with it. Thank you Sara for being a voice  for the voiceless. 

 To see the amazing work that what Sara is up to, follow her on her Instagram HERE