Ohhs in Sheen Magazine: Women’s HerStory

Ohhs in Sheen Magazine: Women’s HerStory

Ohh Sis, have you heard about Ohhs? 

Ohhs? What are Ohhs? 

Ohhs are the first Black Woman created and patented, seamless disposable period underwear, made of eco-friendly and biodegradable bamboo.


Meet Patricia Kayanga owner, and operator of Ohhs. Patricia is a first-generation immigrant, straight out of the Land of Beauty, Uganda in East Africa. At some point in a young girl and a woman’s life, she has had to carry an extra pair of underwear, or she’s had to run to the nearest store to buy a pack due to a menstruation mishap. Aware of the traumatizing effects that periods can have on young girls and women due to unpredictable periods and sporadic spills, her mother encouraged her to focus on a disposable solution. 

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